Eetbare bloemen voor op je bruidstaart.

Edible Flowers at your Wedding

Congratulations lovebirds! Your big day is coming and it's time to let your unique style shine, even in your dishes, cakes and cocktails! Edible flowers are the perfect way to add a romantic element to your wedding. In this blog we show you how you can use edible flowers to make your wedding even more unforgettable.

  • The Wedding Cake : A wedding is not complete without a beautiful wedding cake that steals the show. Make the cake extra special by using edible flowers as decoration. Decorate the cake with the Pastel Splendor mix , Love mix or the Sweet Colors mix . This natural and colorful addition gives the cake a fairytale, romantic look.

  • Festive Drinks at the Reception : After the ceremony it's time to toast your happiness. Make the toast extra special by serving champagne with an edible flower as decoration. Add a touch of elegance to your glasses of champagne by floating asmall pansy and some lavender / cornflower sprinkles on the surface of the champagne.

  • Dinner : Time for dinner! Think of colorful salads with violets, sprinkles in the soup and of course garnish on the plate.

  • Cocktails at the Party : Surprise your guests with enchanting cocktails that have an extra festive touch thanks to edible flowers. You can go in all directions with the cocktails. How about a refreshing gin and tonic with a hint of lavender , spritz with carnation sprinkles or a sparkling prosecco with violets as a garnish.

By using edible flowers in a creative way in your dishes, cakes and cocktails, you give your wedding a unique, unforgettable culinary look.

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